A brief history

The department of human anatomy is a theoretical (medical-biological) department of the faculty of medicine at which academic, methodical and scientific work with students is carried out, along with training of research and teaching staff. The department was founded in 1945 simultaneously with the transfer of the Institute of Medicine from Kislovodsk to Chisinau.

The first faculties of the department were Professor A. Lavrentiev, chief of the department, and lecturers B. Perlin and T. Koval. Professor A. Lavrentiev (1898-1958) graduated from Harkov (Ukraine) under the guidance of V.P. Vorobiov, a distinguished anatomist.

After the departure of A. Lavrentiev in 1950, Assistant Professor V. Ukrainski (1950-1951), Professors A. Otelin (1951-1953) and Professor V. Parfentieva (1953-1956) were appointed as heads of the department.

1956 was the starting point of a fruitful period for the department with the arrival of Professor V. V. Kuprianov, a scholar from the Academy of Medicine of USSR, a Laureate of the State Prize, president of the Anatomists Society of USSR, and chief editor of the journal “Archives of Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology”.

The prolific period continued after 1959, when the management of the department was taken over by B. Z. Perlin, a distinguished professor in Science of RSSM. In 1965 the department moved into the current morphologic building, designed and adapted to the process of teaching and scientific morphology. To the Museum of Anatomy the following subdivisions were added: Locomotive Apparatus, Viscera, Central Nervous System, Vessels and Nerves. Since 1988 till 1991 the Assistant Professor M. Stefanet was the head of the department. During this period the Children’s Anatomy museum was founded, and the Human Anatomy textbook (author M.R. Sapin) was translated from Russian to Romanian. During the next six years (1991-1997) the department was leaded by Professor V. Andries.

In 1997 Professor M. Stefanet was reappointed in the position of the head of the department. He managed the academic and scientific activities at the department of anatomy till 2013. During this period the staff of the department updated the analytical program, with a main focus on studying anatomy of live persons and the applicative aspect of studied material. This included the elaboration of textbooks, methodical recommendations, questionnaires, tests, abstracts, and self teaching books for students in Romanian, English and Russian. In 1971 and 1986 the Symposium of the Society of Anatomists from USSR and the scientific conference on the issues in teaching anatomy took place at the department. Recently, in the fall of 2012, the department organized the international conference of anatomists, marking one century since the birth of Professor B.Z. Perlin.

Since autumn 2013, Prof. I. Catereniuc is the chief of the department.